Farmingdale Greendogs


Farmingdale Baseball League takes great pride in presenting the Greendogs, which are  comprised each year of a select group of ballplayers who not only excel on the baseball diamond, but have also shown outstanding sportsmanship, determination and a true commitment to the Game.

Farmingdale Baseball would like to express their sincere congratulations to each of the players who have been selected for each of these teams!

For complete roster lists for specific teams, click on the Greendogs teams in drop down menu.

7U Greendogs

8U Greendogs

9U Greendogs White

9U Greendogs Green

10U Greendogs

11U Greendogs

12U Greendogs/Cooperstown Team

8U Greendog Softball

10U Greendog Softball

12U Greendog Softball

14U Greendog Softball